Sockers Reportedly to Offer Newman Contract Extension

The Sockers will announce today that Ron Newman has signed a contract to continue as coach next season and probably for a few more, according to sources close to the team.

Neither Sockers' majority owner Bob Bell nor Newman would confirm it, but sources say that Newman will sign a five-year deal for somewhere between $500,000 and $600,000.

The Sockers have called a press conference for noon today at the stadium.

"Ron and I will meet (this morning) to try and execute some of the last details of a contract," Bell said. "When everything gets straightened out, we'll let everybody know at the press conference."

Newman, the only coach the indoor Sockers have ever had, came to San Diego in 1980. He led the Sockers to five straight titles before his team was eliminated from this season's Major Indoor Soccer League playoffs in the Western Division finals last week by Tacoma.

Negotiations for terms of the new contract began about two months ago.

"Of course, I'd love to stay in San Diego," Newman said Monday. "It's a beautiful place to be. I'm not the gypsy-type. I'm not going to build a winner some place and then go on to the next thing, then do real well there and then leave again. I'm set on trying to bring the championship back to San Diego."

The new contract would provide Newman with a slight pay increase over last season. Newman has been quoted as saying he would prefer a long contract for security rather than a shorter one for more money.

"I'd like Ron as coach," Bell said. "I think you can say that he's a step ahead of the rest of the coaches in our league."

In the past, Newman has stated a desire to someday move in to the front office after his coaching career ends. Neither Newman nor Bell would comment on Newman's future.

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