Lawndale : Staggered Terms for Council

To evenly stagger City Council elections in the future, one of the three council contests next year will be for a two-year term. The other two seats will remain four-year terms.

After the two-year term is served, however, all council elections will be for four year terms.

The one-time change will mean that, in the future, two of the four council seats will be contested every two years.

Under the election plan approved by the City Council last week, candidates will have to state whether they will run for the four-year term or the two-year term.

Councilmen Harold E. Hofmann, Terry W. Birdsall and Dan McKenzie are up for reelection in the April, 1988, city election.

In 1982, the city changed its mayoralty from an appointed position, with the mayor picked from the five council members, to an elected office with a two-year term.

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