She Could Lose Home to New School

I am so glad the Alhambra school board is considering adding on to existing high schools instead of taking homes in Rosemead for a new one, because I am one who would have to move if they built a new school in Rosemead.

School officials predicted at the May 5 meeting that there would be complainers who would come out of the woodwork when they suggested this quicker, more practical solution to the overcrowding problem. It is always the same old line: "Keep searching for a new high school site somewhere." Why didn't these people help us support the two sites in Monterey Park and Alhambra that would not have taken anyone's home?

We bought our home in Rosemead 43 years ago. We raised three children who all went to the Garvey schools and all graduated from Mark Keppel High School. I am a widow now, and where would I go if a new school were built on the site of my home? I wouldn't be able to make payments on another house.

Please, school board, don't give in to pressure from these Johnnys-come-lately who have nothing to lose by complaining. Please expand your high schools and let me keep my home.



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