Cerritos : Photocopy Fee Reduced

The Cerritos City Council has lowered its photocopying fees from 25 cents per page to 15 cents. Councilwoman Diana Needham asked city staffers to review the issue after several residents complained that the old fee to reproduce records and documents was too high.

Although staff members said the 25-cent charge was about average when compared to other cities', Needham argued that it should be lower, and the council agreed. The staff estimated that a typical photocopy in Cerritos may cost 47 cents, based on materials and staff time to copy the documents. That estimate did not include any additional time needed to retrieve hard-to-find information.

City spokeswoman Michele Ogle said the 32-cent difference between the photocopying charge and the actual cost to reproduce records will be absorbed by the city or paid out of the general fund.

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