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The Parents Music Resource Center claims that the record industry has failed to live up to its 18-month-old agreement to label records with explicit lyrics and plans to launch a "high-intensity media campaign about so called porn-rock" unless action is taken, according to the trade paper Variety. Recording Industry Assn. of America President Jay Berman told The Times that the latest PMRC attack was "a threat" and the organization was "impatient." Berman explained that the PMRC--formed by a coalition of U.S. Senators' wives, including Tipper Gore (wife of presidential hopeful Albert) already had complained to the RIAA, which was in the process of investigating the matter. "Obviously (the PMRC) can't wait and this is part of their intimidation campaign," Berman said. Calling the PMRC's latest announcement "censorship by a self-appointed body," Berman added that he feels that "out of the thousands of records released each year, they may have found one or two" that are objectionable.

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