Alnilam, James Dickey (Doubleday). "(James) Dickey's ear...

Alnilam, James Dickey (Doubleday). "(James) Dickey's ear for Southern talk, his understanding of the sensations involved in flying, and his interest in a wide array of minor characters make this novel rich and rewarding reading" (Henry Taylor).

Welcome, Silence: My Triumph Over Schizophrenia, Carol S. North (Simon & Schuster). "Those of us in the psychiatric profession are accustomed to describing this state, clothed in clinical jargon, from the outside looking in. To have an individual write about it, using her diaries, from the inside looking out, is something else again, a rare and terrifying experience" (E. Fuller Torrey).

Nobel Dreams: Power, Deceit and the Ultimate Experiment, Gary Taubes (Random House), "is more about people than it is about physics. It is one of those rare science books that tell about science in the course of telling about the human comedy" (Lee Dembart).

Jason and Marceline, Jerry Spinelli (Little, Brown). "A breakthrough--maybe the start of a new trend--a love story for the junior high level from the male viewpoint, so funny and engaging that not only will boys want to read it, but girls will gobble it up for clues about the male psyche" (Gloria Miklowitz).

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