Robert Hilburn and Chris Willman presented an interesting sociological study in their analysis of the "new" spirituality in pop music: much oversimplification, much negligence and tainted hindsight, and even a bit of accuracy ("Rock of Ages," June 7).

As they were hastening to make their point about the alleged "isolation" between all roots of rock and Christianity, did they ever stop to think that Pete Townshend, the immeasurably influential and prolific songwriter/guitarist for the Who, wrote all his music--since the early '60s--as a Christian?

That's right; the man who chronicled the rebellious anger and frustration of youth on two continents when he penned the anthem of the early '60s, "My Generation," is and throughout his career--even as a "devotee" of Meher Baba--always remained (alas!) a Christian!

I question whether this simple fact has not been "hushed up" for some reason. I also question why Hilburn and Willman never mentioned that Los Lobos is composed of "just Catholic folks" (their own words, according to an earlier Calendar article), as much an "organized religion" as they come. Most of all, I question if these two jokers did their research.

About the only thing I did like in this article were the thought-provoking quotes from T Bone Burnett. Other than that, Rob, Chris, dudes ! Get a clue! (Get several.)



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