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Hell hath no fury like a fan disappointed, as Mickey Rooney found out--forcefully--when he sat in for KABC radio's Michael Jackson on Wednesday morning. One caller, identified only as Patrick, railed against Rooney's June 9 performance at the Pantages of "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum," saying Rooney didn't play Pseudolus, but rather, "(played) Mickey Rooney being cute!" It was his 10-year-old son's first musical, Patrick said, and he was "very, very disappointed." He also found Rooney's on-stage announcement of the Laker NBA victory deplorable, saying it "(ruined) the experience of watching the basketball game, too"--for those audience members videotaping it at home. In reply, Rooney said only that he was sorry he had disappointed the caller, and that a difference of opinion was what made "this country of ours great."

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