DWP Repairs

I would like to commend the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power for its prompt and effective handling of the massive loss of electrical power in homes all over Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley after the violent lightning storm earlier this month.

While it seems that some of those 25,000 homes were still without power almost two days later, the DWP was at work as soon as the rain ended. When I called at 6 a.m. to find out how long my own house would be without electricity, a friendly, cooperative woman informed me that no one had been able to predict the storm, thousands of homes had had their power knocked out but crews were already out there and I could expect power between 9 and noon that day.

I have no idea how many other customer complaints that lovely woman had to field, probably hundreds, and maybe even thousands. I only hope she--and everybody at the DWP--got paid triple overtime. By the way, my own power was back on by 7:30 that morning.



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