Ex-Judge Claiborne Sent to Nevada Halfway House

Associated Press

Former U.S. District Judge Harry Claiborne has returned to Nevada to spend the remainder of his federal prison term in a halfway house.

Claiborne, who completed a 13-month stretch in a federal prison camp in Alabama, will spend four months at the Westglenn Community Treatment Center in North Las Vegas.

Claiborne was convicted of income tax evasion three years ago and sentenced to two years in prison. He also was impeached in congressional proceedings last year and stripped of his judicial post and $78,700 annual salary.

Claiborne, 69, was met by relatives and well-wishers as he arrived in Las Vegas on Tuesday. He smiled and held his grandson as he walked through McCarran International Airport. Asked at the halfway house how he felt, Claiborne said, "Fine. How are you?"

Generally, prisoners at the Westglenn facility are allowed to work during the day but are required to spend nights there. Halfway house officials would not comment on how Claiborne will spend his time.

Claiborne's request for a retrial is under consideration.

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