L.A. Election Post-Mortems

Ruth Galanter's election victory over Pat Russell was a wonderful realization of our aspirations for a government responsive to the peoples' wishes and not beholden to special interests and their lobbyists. Against seemingly overwhelming odds, this political newcomer rode the tide of a bursting populist awareness demanding a changed set of priorities and a new code of public morality.

Among other benefits won by the voters is the enhanced prospect of protecting our beaches and the Santa Monica Bay from oil drilling pollution. That is only the beginning of the many ways in which our entire community will be enriched.

I believe her victory is also a dramatic demonstration of the need for changed political leadership in Los Angeles. Mayor Tom Bradley was dealt a severe setback by the resounding defeat of his two chosen City Council candidates.

Those dozen or so office-holding sycophants who obediently lined up behind Pat Russell at City Hall have, hopefully, learned that no longer will the electorate condone the paying back of political debts by supporting a candidate whose basic positions are opposed by their respective constituents.

Perhaps in their choice of the next City Council president and in their reevaluation of Occidental Petroleum's bid to drill in Pacific Palisades will these misguided politicians redeem themselves and evidence their willingness to adhere to the new direction mandated by this last election.


Los Angeles

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