Disagreements Happen Even to the Dodgers

Dodger management contends that inter-player disagreements happen to the best of teams. Why, then, is it happening to the Dodgers?

And lest Tommy Lasorda forget, Mike Marshall and Pedro Guerrero may have combined for 62 homers in 1985, but Guerrero's big month of June, 1985--15 homers--was largely aided by Greg Brock's batting over .300 (actually .270) with 9 homers (actually 5) behind Pedro. Brock, meanwhile, was repeatedly criticized because he liked to take his walks. Now the Dodgers are the least-walked team in baseball and it is encouraging the players to be more selective.

Finally, for about 1/10th of the team's profit last year, the Dodgers could have had an outfielder, Tim Raines, who would give them enough of a running game so that they could win the 1-0 games. That is, unless the Dodgers told him to hit 20 homers and bat behind Guerrero.


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