Films going into production:BAT-21 (Bat-21). Shooting...

Compiled by David Pecchia

Films going into production:

BAT-21 (Bat-21). Shooting in Malaysia. Gene Hackman dons military garb to portray a colonel who's shot down in Vietnam. Executive producer Jerry Reed. Producers David Fisher, Gary A. Neill, Michael Balson and Evzan Kolar. Director Peter Markle. Screenwriter Marc Norman.

BLACK EAGLE (Imperial). Shooting in Malta. CIA agent Sho Kosugi is sent to the Mediterranean to retrieve a downed F-111 fighter. Executive producer Sunil R. Shah. Producer Shimon Arama. Director Eric Karson. Screenwriters Michael Gonzales and A. E. Peters. Also stars Jean-Claude Van Damme and Vladimir Skomarovsky. February release.

BLUE CITY SLAMMERS (Shatalow/Raymond). Shooting in Ontario. This comedy deals with a women's softball team battling to win the big tournament against the backdrop of the games, the parties and the hot nights at the local bar. Producers Bruce Raymond and Peter Shatalow. Director Shatalow. Screenwriters Shatalow and Layne Coleman. Stars Eric Keenleyside, Mary Ellen Mahoney, Stuart Clow and Gary Farmer.

DEAD MAN WALKING (Metropolis). Futuristic actioner with Wings Hauser playing a type of mercenary called a "zero man" who is dispatched with instructions to track a psychotic killer. Executive producer Walter Gernert. Producer/director Gregg Brown. Screenwriters John Weidner and Rick Marx. Also stars Michael J. Pollard, Brion James, Sy Richardson and Pamela Ludwig.

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