City Sewage Problem

A notable public service was performed by The Times in its series on the collapse of San Diego's sewer system.

The Band-Aid approach by the city to shore up the problem is not working, a fact underscored every time there is a spill--of which there have been so many that one's sense of embarrassment is dulled, if that's possible in a city that prides itself on being "America's finest."

There is enough blame to go around for this mess--which has a literal as well as metaphorical meaning--but most it must fall on City Hall. With the exception of Mike Gotch, there has been no leadership. The consequences are there for all to see--and smell.

In my own judgment, this is the most serious problem San Diego faces. It will not go away by employing cosmetic or public relations measures, which is about all we have been offered thus far.

Perhaps The Times' series will awaken our "leaders" and other members of the citizenry that unless we are able to resolve this crisis, San Diego's environmental and economic future is uncertain. Given those circumstances, can any price-tag be judged too expensive?


San Diego

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