Though all of the major averages are...

Though all of the major averages are continuing to make new highs on a daily basis, only one San Diego stock--GTI Corp.--had that distinction, according to Irving Katz, director of research for San Diego Securities Inc.

GTI moved to a new high of 10 1/8, and closed the week at 9 1/2, up a half, with no news forthcoming. However, GTI recently announced that it is moving its corporate office to Burbank from San Diego--and will no longer appear on the Times' list of local stocks.

Among the good gainers for the week was Price Co., up one to 47, on excellent third-quarter earnings of 30 cents, up 25% from 24 cents a year ago.

Comparable sales in existing Price Clubs increased by 11.1% in the same quarter. Price has 29 warehouse stores in operation with six additional new stores scheduled to be opened this summer. It will open two replacement stores and three additional stores are scheduled to open in fall, Katz said.

That one-third increase in the number of stores operating during the Christmas rush should incrementally help earnings for the holiday season, Katz said.

Intermark Inc. was up one to 12 1/2 as its subsidiary Pier One made a new high of 19 7/8 on excellent first-quarter earnings of 21 cents, compared to 15 cents for its first quarter a year ago, Katz said.

Precision Aerotech was up 1 1/8 to 8 3/4 with the anticipation that the company will report an excellent fiscal year ending April, 1987, Katz said.

Fisher Scientific Group was up one-quarter to 14 on an optimistic analyst's report from Drexel Burnham, which mentioned a 1989 earnings potential of $1.50 to $1.60. "Oh, those far-out predictions," Katz quipped.

Synbiotics was up one to 9 1/2 after completely digesting a recent stock offering of 1.5 million shares at 8 1/2. Wavetek Inc. was up one-quarter to 9, according to Katz, who added that the company will make a presentation to the New York Financial Analysts Society on Friday.

Medical Imaging was down three-eighths to 7 3/8 after announcing a shelf registration of $10 million of convertible subordinated debentures through underwriter R.G. Dickinson. Burnham Pacific Properties was down five-eighths to 15 upon filing a registration of $20 million of convertible subordinated debentures.

WD-40 was unchanged in spite of reporting third-quarter earnings of 31 cents compared to 34 cents a year ago, though sales were up 10% to $17.1 million for the quarter, Katz said.

Energy Factors closed the week unchanged after a roller-coaster ride up to 11 7/8 and then down to 9 5/8. The company finally agreed to give control to Sithe Energy Technologies at $10 per share, Katz said, a severe letdown from the previous buy-out offer of $17.25.

Barron's columnist Alan Abelson, responding to Energy Factors' claim that shareholders would be happy in the "long run," wondered " . . . what was it again that Lord Keynes said about where we'd all be in the long-run?"

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