Now, About Those Other Dodgers

Come one, come all, to the great Dodger talent giveaway. No wonder teams want to trade with the Dodgers. Just trade the Dodgers an old, worn-out player like Bob Bailor, Bill Madlock or Phil Garner and you can steal any good young talent you can grab.

I've followed this team for over 25 years and have never seen so much good talent given away as there has been the past few years. The Dodgers can't afford Tim Raines. Rather, they'll wait until he is 38 and trade three minor leaguers for him. All three will become Hall of Fame members.

Peter O'Malley should get the deadwood out of the organization, replace them with realistic, knowledgeable people, and stop giving away young talent. I nominate John Roseboro for vice president.



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