'Role Models' Need to Join Drug Battle

The article "Athletes--Trouble in Paradise" (June 8) is such an accurate account of the drug situation, and the same applies nationwide.

We are the most powerful and affluent society on the face of this earth, and therefore we will not give over this country and our lives to the drug traffickers.

We must find the money, no matter what the cost, and address ourselves to the cure.

We must bring back the "role model," which has almost ceased to exist since mommy and daddy are on drugs and alcohol and grandpa and grandma are on legally prescribed drugs, washing them down with alcohol.

American children are very confused, unloved and lonely. It is evident in your article and research that winning and success are in their young minds and hearts, instilled in a totally distorted way. Since they are receiving from society the wrong message, we as a society are guilty, not the children.


Tamarac, Fla.

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