A Diagnosis Can Be Made

There were several points in the article about Jim Eisenreich (June 16) that seemed misleading. Tourette Syndrome is a syndrome , which means a collection of symptoms. While there is no specific diagnostic test for Tourette Syndrome, if criteria are met, a diagnosis can be made.

While involuntary swearing can be a symptom, it only occurs in about 40% of people with the disorder. The statements of Dr. Michienzi reflect almost total ignorance of accepted medical knowledge regarding the syndrome, and also an underlying dislike of Eisenreich, which your writer seemed to go to town with.

Finally, the statements about medication were uninformed on several counts. Haldol is a dangerous drug in large dosages.

I have had Tourette Syndrome most of my life, and while I don't play pro baseball, I can drive, and live a normal life on medication. Your article seemed to stress misinformation at the expense of Jim Eisenreich's tremendous courage and abilities.


Tourette Syndrome Assn.

Southern California Chapter

Santa Monica

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