Several of Lawmakers in Inquiry Are Decorated Combat Veterans

From a Times Staff Writer

Unlike Lt. Col. Oliver L. North, they do not wear uniforms with military decorations, but several members of the congressional committees investigating the Iran- contra affair have won awards for war duty.

During Wednesday’s questioning of North, Daniel K. Inouye (D-Hawaii), chairman of the Senate committee investigating the scandal, wore on his lapel a small insignia of the Distinguished Service Cross, the second highest award for valor. He won it during World War II, when he lost his right arm.

North, a recipient of the Silver Star, was wounded twice in Vietnam but was not disabled.

Among other senators on the committee, Warren B. Rudman (R-N.H.) and Howell Heflin (D-Ala.) also have won combat awards.

Rudman, a company commander with the 38th Infantry of the 2nd Infantry Division of the Army, won the Bronze Star and a Purple Heart for actions against Chinese forces during the Korean War. Heflin won the Silver Star for his service in World War II as a lieutenant in the Marine Corps in the Pacific theater, where he was wounded twice but not disabled.


Among House members, Reps. Peter W. Rodino Jr. (D-N.J.) and Henry J. Hyde (R-Ill.) also received awards for service during World War II.

Rodino, a captain of the 1st Armored Division of the Army, won a Bronze Star for his service in North Africa and Italy. Hyde was awarded a Silver Star for his combat duty with the U.S. Naval Reserve in the Pacific Ocean.