Usher Named Division Head at Weintraub

Harry Usher, United States Football League commissioner and a 1984 Olympics official, has been named president of a newly formed division of Weintraub Entertainment Group.

Usher will join the Los Angeles firm July 20 as president of Weintraub International Enterprises and as a senior vice president of the parent company. He will manage domestic and international corporate acquisitions and new ventures.

"Harry staged the largest successful media and entertainment event in the world--the 1984 Olympics. He is a rare combination of entertainment industry insider and international management figure," said Jerry Weintraub, chairman of the board.

Usher managed the development and operation of the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles as executive vice president and general manager of the Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee.

The USFL sued the National Football League in an antitrust case. The damage award last summer of only $3 is under appeal by the USFL.

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