U.S. Basketball Team Defeats Philippines

Associated Press

The defending champion United States beat the Philippines, 80-62, Sunday in a final round match of the 11th William Jones Cup men’s basketball tournament.

The Americans, represented by Vanderbilt University, trailed the Philippines, 38-33, at halftime.

Top American scorers were Will Perdue with 28 points and Barry Booker with 11 points.

In other matches Sunday, Japan defeated Malaysia, 55-47, and West Germany beat Australia, 86-74.


The United States lead the standings at 4-0, followed by West Germany at 3-0 and Taiwan’s Blue team with 2-1. Australia, Japan and South Korea are all 1-2, Malaysia 1-4, and the Philippines 0-3.

Jordan, Thailand and Taiwan’s White team were ousted in the preliminary round and will compete for minor placing in the final round, which ends Friday.