Laguna Beach Council Imposes Curbs on New Lights at Ballpark

The Laguna Beach City Council on Tuesday imposed temporary solutions to complaints from residents near Laguna Beach High School about baseball field lights that are flooding the neighborhood with illumination.

In July, new lights were placed on four existing 45-foot poles and on two newly installed poles, 60 and 80 feet high.

About 25 residents at the City Council registered complaints, while an equal number of softball players lobbied for the lights. The latter included members of a men's adult softball league, whose schedule was reduced from two games a night to one after the neighbors' complaints.

The City Council voted to allow two games a night, but they must be completed by 9:30 p.m. The council also voted to transfer $35,000 budgeted for new lights on another field to pay for a study of the problem.

The lighting issue was continued to the council's Sept. 15 meeting, at which the possibility of installing a more sophisticated light system at the high school will be discussed.

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