A 29-year-old burglar-alarm technician was charged Wednesday with burglarizing a Carlsbad car dealership whose alarm he had installed and then shooting at a security guard during his getaway in a stolen 1987 Corvette.

Robert Nelson Paul of Poway is accused of two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, two of burglary, and one each of vehicle theft, failing to report an accident, evading a police officer and vandalism.

According to the complaint filed in Vista Superior Court, Paul returned to Weseloh Chevrolet on Paseo del Norte in Car Country Carlsbad about 2 a.m. July 18, dismantled the burglar alarm and stole a Corvette worth $32,000.

Paul allegedly fired two shots at a security guard from an adjacent dealership, and rammed a Carlsbad police car on Interstate 5 before fleeing on foot. The security guard was not injured. Paul, who is self-employed, will be arraigned Sept. 16.


Mike Weseloh, the dealership’s general manager, said Paul had installed the burglar alarm a month before the incident.

“There is no way we could have known what would happen,” Weseloh said. “Even if we had checked him out, he’s clean, with no record. The frustrating thing is that he got out on bail immediately, and our Corvette is totalled.”

A new alarm has been installed, Weseloh said.