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In a week that saw a number of smaller, limited-run films released--including a few by the major studios--the "drum roll" pictures (those movies for which the marketing people banged the drum loudly) held their places in the box-office derby over the weekend. Paramount in trumpeting the success of its fall hit "Fatal Attraction," is invoking "Crocodile Dundee" comparisons, although "Dundee" did better in its first two weekends. "Stakeout" became Disney's biggest recent hit, passing the grosses of both "Down and Out in Beverly Hills" and "Outrageous Fortune." In the wake of Columbia chairman David Puttnam's bombshell resignation, "The Big Town"--one of his first "go" projects--opened to dismal business: only $776,675 at 762 screens.

* Twentieth Century Fox opted for a limited-release strategy on Rob Reiner's latest film, "The Princess Bride,"which opened to generally glowing reviews.Weekend receipts, as shown above, were excellent.

Figures courtesy of Exhibitor Relations Co.

Weekend Screens/ Weeks Movie gross/ Average in (Studio) Total release (millions) 1. Fatal Attraction $7.7 780 2 (Paramount) $18.7 $9,881 2. The Principal $3.5 1,196 2 (Tri-Star) $9.4 $2,965 3. Hellraiser $2.7 1,104 2 (New World) $8.4 $2,407 4. Stakeout $2.6 1,316 7 (Buena Vista) $53.9 $1,940 5. The Pick-Up Artist $2.5 1,032 2 (20th Century Fox) $7.9 $2,423 * The Princess Bride $.21 9 1 (20th Century Fox) $.21 $22,915

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