More than four weeks of bargaining ended early Thursday when CBS officials gave representatives of a 1,600-member technical union what the company called its final contract proposals, union officials said.

Now, officials of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers will study CBS’ offer and discuss it with rank-and-file members at meetings within the next two weeks, said Ben Taussig, a union spokesman here.

It isn’t known yet if the offer then will be submitted for a vote, Paul Wagner, business manager of union Local 45 in Los Angeles, said in a telephone interview Thursday. He spoke from Phoenix, where the contract talks concluded shortly after 3 a.m. there.


Wagner declined to comment on the CBS proposals, citing an agreement by the union and the company not to discuss the negotiations publicly.

However, union members here are being told by the union that CBS has made a three-year offer that, among other things, allows “unlimited use of per diem”--short-hand for persons hired on a daily basis.

Proposals on so-called “daily hires” have been a key issue in a strike against NBC by 2,800 members of the National Assn. of Broadcast Employees and Technicians. That strike now is in its 14th week.

About 300 members of that union held a “solidarity” rally outside NBC’s Rockefeller Center headquarters Thursday. Some members of the union have been pressing union leaders to call a national vote on NBC’s contract offer.

Union negotiators, who rejected NBC’s proposals, never have put the offer up for a membership vote, saying that it simply is too poor an offer.

Electrical union members at CBS are continuing to work pending developments.