Films going into production:THE DECEIVERS (Merchant-Ivory)....

<i> Compiled by David Pecchia</i>

Films going into production:

THE DECEIVERS (Merchant-Ivory). Shooting in India. Nicholas Meyer directs Pierce Brosnan in a period drama about the Thugee murderer sect. Based on John Masters’ novel. Producers Ismail Merchant and Michael White. Screenwriter Ruth Prawer-Jhabvala. Fall release.

FRIGHT NIGHT--PART 2 (Vista). Shooting in S. Calif. Roddy McDowall and William Ragsdale reprise their roles as TV horror-show host and harrassed youngster for more chills as the story is picked up three years later. Producers Herb Jaffe and Mort Engelberg. Director Tommy Lee Wallace. Screenwriters Wallace, Tim Metcalfe and Miguel Tejeda-Flores. Also stars Julie Carmen. Distributor New Century/Vista.


ME AND HIM (Neue Constantin). Shooting in New York. Inspired by the Alberto Moravia novel, it’s a comedy about men and women and what stands between them. Producer Bernd Eichinger. Director Doris Dorrie.

Screenwriters Warren D. Leight, Michael Juncker and Dorrie. Stars Griffin Dunne, Ellen Greene, Steven Marcus, Craig T. Nelson and Kelly Bishop. Summer release.

PERFUME (NTN). Shooting in L.A. Described as sort of a black version of “Valley of the Dolls,” the plot revolves around five affluent black women who form their own cosmetic company. The producers insist that the cast is a “surprise” and should not be revealed just yet. Executive producers Roland S. Jefferson and James A. Mays. Producers Cassius Weathersby and Shirley Calloway. Director/screenwriter Jefferson.

PRESIDIO (Paramount). Shooting in San Francisco. Sean Connery is a military officer and Mark Harmon a Bay Area cop in a thriller of corruption and contraband. Producer D. Constantine Conte. Director Peter Hyams. Screenwriter Larry Ferguson. Also stars Meg Ryan.