Lloyd Daniels, former Nevada Las Vegas recruit...


Lloyd Daniels, former Nevada Las Vegas recruit and New York basketball star, was fined $600 after pleading guilty to attempting to possess rock cocaine.

Prosecutors in Las Vegas said he failed to abide by terms of a plea bargain under which charges would be dismissed if he completed a drug diversion program and didn’t use cocaine.

Randall Weed, a deputy district attorney, said drug tests indicated that Daniels, 19, used cocaine while supposedly undergoing rehabilitation.


Daniels was originally charged with a felony of trying to buy rock cocaine. He was arressted in February during police surveillance of a drug-selling operation in North Las Vegas.

Daniels, who was enrolled at UNLV in hopes of playing for the Rebels this season at the time of his arrest, was told by Coach Jerry Tarkanian that he would never play for the team.