Temecula’s Mud Surfing a ‘Dirty Sport’


When you think you and the kids have seen it all--mimes, kite festivals, puppet shows--again and again, here’s a new wrinkle on the weekend family fun scene: mud surfing. It’s only once a year and it’s in Temecula but for the world-wary it’s worth the effort.

Here’s what mud surfing looks like: the surfer stands, kneels or sits on a bale of hay that is pulled through the mud by a tractor. Only a few surfers make it to the finish line un-muddied.

Mud surfing (which the people in Temecula call “the dirtiest sport alive”) is only part of the festivities at this weekend’s 11th Annual Great Temecula Tractor Race. The tractor races have six categories including pre- and post-1945 models, gas and diesel. There’s also the riding lawn mowers race. All the races take place on an oval track.


Air Show

At 7 a.m. Sunday, before the winds come up, the air show will feature a sky-diver team, hot air balloon races as well as ultra-light demonstrations.

At nearby food booths, local groups will sell Navajo tacos, homemade waffle cones, Polish hot dogs, Oriental foods and more. The Saturday night Country & Western dance features the Jason Richards Silverado band.

Everything takes place at the fairgrounds at Cherry Street and Jefferson Avenue. To get to Temecula, take Interstate 15 South and exit at Winchester Road. Go west on Winchester to Jefferson Avenue, then north to Cherry Street.

Admission is $5 for one day, $8 for both days.