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With the unusually large number of fall films still in the country’s movie theaters, there was a noted tendency among moviegoers to stick to established winners rather than take chances on smaller, less-hyped films. As a result, last weekend’s box-office winners are all holdovers. The ads for Columbia’s “Someone to Watch Over Me” have begun to emphasize star Tom Berenger’s appearance in (and Oscar nomination for) “Platoon,” and the campaign helped to keep the film riding high in its second week. The healthy performance of United Artists’ “Baby Boom” ($3.1 million in two weeks of very limited release) seems to indicate that there are still plenty of yup-types around who want to see movies that reflect their life styles.

* The beleaguered De Laurentiis Entertainment Group badly needs a successful picture, and it spent truckloads of cash promoting “Weeds” and actor Nick Nolte’s performance in it. The result? A very strong opening weekend in limited release. It goes into nationwide release Oct. 30.