Driver Surrenders After His Mother Reads News Story

A young man accused of highway hooliganism turned himself in Saturday after his mother read a newspaper account of his alleged run-in with two other motorists, a Sheriff's Department spokesman said.

Luis Anderson, 21, of Lawndale was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon after surrendering at the Lennox sheriff's station. He told deputies that he and two companions were involved in an altercation Thursday evening that began when two youths in another pickup honked at the truck Anderson was driving, according to Sheriff's Lt. Robert Cooke.

Anderson's companions allegedly left his truck at the intersection of Hawthorne and Manhattan Beach boulevards in Lawndale and began kicking a truck that carried John Gutierrez, 24, of Norwalk and Ron Klasson, 20, of Hawthorne. The assailants then smashed the windshield with a baseball bat before fleeing, according to Cooke.

Klasson and Gutierrez stayed inside the truck and were not injured.

Anderson's mother recognized a description of her son's pickup in a newspaper account of the incident and urged him to turn himself in, Cooke said.

Police are still looking for Anderson's two companions.

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