Peltier, Zschau at Amphitheater

In protesting the benefit concert for Leonard Peltier at the Pacific Amphitheatre, Assemblyman Gil Ferguson (R-Newport Beach) said, "I'm considering introducing legislation prohibiting the use of public property for political purposes."

Before choking up the Assembly's hopper with public property use bills, Fergusen should first identify the ox being gored on the taxpayer's turf.

Ferguson's overdue research into this matter will run smack dab into Ronald Reagan's ill-fated effort last November to help the election to the U.S. Senate of Ed Zschau at a political rally held in the (yes) Pacific Amphitheatre at high noon the day before the election, with most of the student bodies of the four Newport-Mesa high schools in attendance to help swell the crowd.

The students had been dismissed from their public high schools, and they had been transported in school buses.

The "equal-time" fanatics among us would never have thought of protesting to Ferguson, but I'm adding him to my Xerox list.


Costa Mesa

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