Earthquake Shut-Off Valves Available

Question: Several years ago I read in your column about an automatic gas shut-off valve for earthquakes above a certain magnitude. In light of the Oct. 1 earthquake, could you run this item again?

Answer: I checked with the supplier mentioned in the original column and he doesn't handle this device. I checked with several other firms and finally found a source. Burke Engineering, 9700 Factorial Way, South El Monte, stocks earthquake shut-off valves in half-inch and three-quarter-inch sizes. The cost is about $30 and Burke's telephone number is 818/579-6763. If there are other suppliers out there, please drop me a line and I'll list you too.

IN THE MAIL: Meredith Corp., publisher of the excellent Wood magazine aimed at home woodworkers, is introducing a new subscription-based national bimonthly magazine called Weekend Woodworking Projects. Each 24-page, $4.95 issue will have six or seven projects that can be completed in a weekend, naturally!

Why the new magazine? The folks at Meredith learned through market research that 50% of home woodworkers spend one to five hours a week in their workshops. Small-scale projects are the kind favored by many wood workers. Meredith publishes 28 other magazines, including Better Homes & Gardens, Metropolitan Home and Ladies' Home Journal, and figured one more magazine would cover a hitherto untapped market.

More information: Meredith Corp., Locust at 17th, Des Moines, Iowa 50336.

WINNERS, WINNERS! Richard Roucha of Orange won the first prize in Ganahl Lumber Co.'s Summer '87 patio and deck building contest. Brian Conner of Irvine was the second-prize winner and Dennis Smith of Orange came in third. I hope to have pictures and information in a future column.

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