This Guy Spells Trouble

After the Cleveland Cavaliers forced the Boston Celtics to come from behind for a win Friday night at Boston Garden, Larry Bird called the Cavaliers a team of the future.

Of Cleveland's Brad Daugherty, he said: "I don't think he is going to become one of the best centers in the league--I think he's already there. He's a scorer, he has a big body, and it's hard to deny him his position because he's so intelligent out there." Don't bet on him in a spelling bee, however.

In the Cavalier media guide, Daugherty says the person he most would have liked to meet is "Wyatt Urp, because of the way he ruled. He was the most dominating character of his time."

After Washington's Moses Malone made 18 of 21 free throws Friday night against New York, Knick Coach Rick Pitino, who had been ejected from the game, told Curtis G. Bunn of Newsday: "I watched the game on TV, and if Bill Laimbeer is a good actor at getting certain calls, then Moses is the Paul Newman of basketball. And I say that with appreciation.

"You look at it and it looks like he's getting killed. Then they show the replay and you see nothing. I wish I could teach that. He's the best at it."

Trivia Time: When UCLA upset No. 1-rated Michigan State, 14-12, in the 1966 Rose Bowl, who was the player of the game and what was his big play? (Answer below.)

Dept. of Irony: From The Sporting News: "Unhappy for several years as the backup to Eric Dickerson on the Rams, Barry Redden finally got his chance to take Dickerson's place. Now with San Diego, Redden was given No. 29 and told to imitate Dickerson in a practice before the Chargers' game against the Indianapolis Colts."

Add Sporting News: It ran this letter from reader Randy Mauro of Des Moines: "In regard to your note that Chicago Cubs outfielder Andre Dawson underwent hernia surgery less than two weeks after the season ended, that's what happens when you carry a ball club all year."

Most coaches want their quarterbacks to stay in the pocket, but Buddy Ryan, who coaches Randall Cunningham at Philadelphia, says: "I want a scrambler, a guy that can make three big first downs a game for you like Roger Staubach and all those other guys that win.

"We're not worried about Randall staying in the pocket. He's a great quarterback, the kind of quarterback I think you have to have to win in this league."

Wait a Minute: From Southeastern Conference Commissioner Harvey Schiller, opposing Division 1-A playoffs in football: "I'm not sure we need a champion. I think that's an extension of the professional game."

Then how come the NCAA holds playoffs in Division 1-AA, Division II and Division III?

Add Forgettable Quotes: Said Notre Dame Coach Lou Holtz on the eve of the Alabama game: "I told our offensive line this: 'I don't believe, if this is a very high-scoring game, Notre Dame has a chance because they are going to shut off the run.'

"There is no way in this world that we can control the football against Alabama. We are going to have a lot of no-gain plays."

The Irish ran 52 times for for 348 yards.

Trivia Answer: Bob Stiles of UCLA. The 171-pound defensive back stopped 220-pound Michigan State fullback Bob Apisa short of the goal on a two-point conversion try, knocking himself out on the play.


Beano Cook, ESPN college football analyst, on the Heisman Trophy: "Unless the votes are counted in Central America, Tim Brown wins it."

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