Films going into production:THE CONTEMPORARY GLADIATOR...

<i> Compiled by David Pecchia</i>

Films going into production:

THE CONTEMPORARY GLADIATOR (Contemporary Gladiator). Shooting in Memphis. Anthony Elmore stars, directs and produces a comedy drama about his own ascent to the pinnacles of the kick-boxing world. Also stars George Young, Marion Jones and Julius Dorsey. Spring release.

HIGH SPIRITS (Vision P.D.G./Palace). Shooting in Ireland. Peter O’Toole, Daryl Hannah, Steve Guttenberg and Beverly D’Angelo star in this tale of a fellow who advertises his castle as having ghosts in order to raise money and avoid foreclosure--and the real ghosts show up! Executive producers Mark Damon, Eduard Sarlui and Moshe Diamant. Producers Stephen Wooley and David Saunders. Director Neil Jordan. Screenwriters Jordan and Michael McDowell.

LAST RITES (MGM). Shooting in NYC and Mexico. Tom Berenger is a Manhattan priest who offers the protection of the church to a woman (Maria Stavro) marked for a hit by a powerful organized-crime family. Producers Don Bellisario and Patrick McCormick. Director/screenwriter Bellisario. Distributor MGM/UA Distribution Co.


LEGAL ALIENS (Abadan). Shooting in L.A. Satirical mystery involving a very valuable package delivered overseas from an unwitting old woman and the subsequent and chaotic scramble of those who wish to possess it. Executive producer Timothy Ford. Producer Shirin Bazleh and Jeff Wilson. Director/screenwriter Bazleh. Stars Joseph Karimbelk and F. Khorvash.

SISTERS (Oxford). Shooting in Montreal. Patrick Dempsey takes an innocent little trip to Quebec City to see his girlfriend and her family but instead becomes surrounded in mystery and romance. Producer Rick Stevenson. Director Michael Hoffman. Screenwriter Rupert Walters. Also stars Jennifer Connelly. Distributor MGM/UA Distribution Co.