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The legacy of Walt Disney continued to be a golden one last weekend at the nation's movie theaters, with the fifth re-release of the 1950 Disney film "Cinderella" taking in predictably magical business at the box office. But it was the surprisingly strong showing by a low-budget horror film--New World's "Flowers in the Attic," based on the book of the same title--that made the picture the weekend's unexpected star. What with the evergreen "Fatal Attraction" and promising sophomore "The Running Man," the weekend was a boon to genre fans (thriller, horror, sci-fi). Many other films that had one or two good weeks at the box office have sunk without a trace in the wake of heavy competition.

* Now that rumors of "Cry Freedom's" death were proven to be slight exaggerations, the Universal prestige entry is doing quietly good business after adding more theaters last weekend. With the company's plans to open the film nationwide pushed back into 1988, "Cry Freedom" should remain a decent draw throughout the holidays.

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