Private Lines

Our spies on the tightly closed set of Woody Allen's latest untitled film, now in production in NYC, tell us that the director's super-secrecy over script details is causing all kinds of confusion.

NYC stage actor Philip Bosco, for instance, "showed up to shoot a scene the other day and didn't even know his relationship to Gena Rowlands (around whom the film is reported to revolve), because he hadn't seen the script in advance," said our source. Bosco is supposed to portray Rowlands' father or stepfather.

The film, our mole told us, is terribly serious, focusing on Rowlands in mid-life crisis at 50 and on how it impacts on her family and friends. A dream sequence involves Rowlands' film hubbie (played by Ian Holm) and her best friend (Sandy Dennis).

Gene Hackman and Betty Buckley are making cameos in the film, the source said. Also in the cast are Ben Gazzara, John Houseman and Martha Plimpton.

Allen apparently is so distracted by the shoot that his publicists tell us that he's called off a party to launch his "September," opening Friday.

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