Voting for Less to Keep More

Once in a while I think it is necessary to refute the "Big Lie" we hear constantly from our county supervisors that we citizens must vote for more of everything--water, taxes, housing, freeways--in order to avert a crisis. A good example of this is Supervisor Harriett Wieder's commentary "Stopping a Possible Water Crises" (Nov. 15).

As the supervisor says, "California's population has increased by 3 million since '87. Why? Why because the supervisor-developer complex has for more than 30 years built more of everything, water, taxes, housing and freeways, in order to avert past crises of their own making. Now even once beautiful South Orange County is suffering from over use due to belief in the "Big Lie."

Let's vote for less for a change and preserve what's left of our environment.

One way now available is to support the "citizens sensible growth and traffic control initiative." It's a start.


Laguna Beach

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