Price of Putting Halt to Growth

Hooray for Richard Weiss and his article entitled “No Growth, Overreaction Can Sink the Southland” (Nov. 18).

Who would object to fewer traffic jams, or cleaner air, but is the execution of the construction industry the way to do it? Are the loss of jobs, the decrease in spending, the increase in housing costs or the possible decline in the value of real property worth it? This would be a dramatic blow to the economy.

Why not skip that unavoidable economic cycle and its casualties. Let’s appropriate funds to build new freeways, improve existing roadways and seek a better solution to air pollution. If each resident had their taxes increase by 1%, would that do it? I think it is a small price to pay for cleaner air, improved traffic conditions and preservation of the construction worker.

Recently I was accused of being undemocratic when I refused to sign a petition supporting the slow-growth initiative. Next time I am said to be undemocratic for not signing their petition, I will say, “No, I am informed” and give them a copy of “No Growth, Overreaction Can Sink the Southland.”



Costa Mesa