Local News in Brief : Anaheim : Decision on Freeway Billboards Postponed

The Anaheim City Council on Tuesday delayed a decision on a proposal to lift the city’s 20-year-old ban on freeway billboards.

At the end of nearly two hours of debate, all five council members agreed that the city’s current ordinance regulating billboards needs changes, but they could not agree on specific provisions for a new sign ordinance.

A new sign ordinance is being proposed by Regency Outdoor Advertising Inc., a Los Angeles-based company that proposed a similar law two years ago. The council has twice in the last five years rejected proposals to loosen restrictions on freeway billboards, citing concerns about sign pollution.

One provision of the proposed ordinance would allow new billboard construction on freeways but would impose higher business license fees on ad companies.


Tuesday, three council members--Mayor Ben Bay and Councilmen Fred Hunter and William D. Ehrle--indicated that they are willing to consider allowing a limited number of new freeway billboards as a way to raise more money. Councilman Irv Pickler and Councilwoman Miriam Kaywood said they are opposed to new freeway billboards.

The council directed the city’s Planning Department staff to make more studies to determine what conditions might be imposed on ad companies seeking building permits and scheduled a second discussion of the issue for Jan. 12.