Films going into production:BABY BLUE (Baby...

Compiled by David Pecchia

Films going into production:

BABY BLUE (Baby Blue). Shooting in Malibu. Two young surfers come to California to stay with their girlfriends and one of them is elevated to stardom through the help of a talent agent. Executive producer Le Grand Benjamin. Producer/director Robert Welborn. Screenwriter Benjamin. Stars Connie Stevens and Lance Sloane. Spring release.

BIG TOP PEE-WEE (Paramount). Shooting in L.A. Pee-wee Herman, the eccentric alter ego of Paul Reubens, is just a plain ol' farmer whose life takes a spectacular turn when he's invited to join the circus. Executive producer Debra Hill. Producer Reubens. Director Randal Kleiser. Screenwriters George McGrath and Reubens. Summer release.

CHILDSPLAY (tentative title) (UA). Shooting in Chicago and L.A. Horror thriller concerning a guy who comes back to life and wreaks havoc with a family and the household. Executive producer Mary Osborne. Producer David Kirschner. Director/screenwriter Tom Holland. Stars Catherine Hicks and Chris Sarandon. Distributor MGM/UA Distribution Co. Summer release.

COOKIE (Lorimar). Shooting in NYC. A comedy about a young, spunky Italian-American woman and her ex-con father who sting the Mafia and the law. Executive producers Susan Seidelman, Nora Ephron and Alice Arlen. Producer Laurence Mark. Director Seidelman. Screenwriter Ephron and Arlen. Stars Peter Falk. Fall release.

UNTITLED EDDIE MURPHY (Paramount). Shooting in NYC and L.A. John Landis directs Murphy who portrays an enormously wealthy African Prince who treks off to America in search of a worthy bride. A contemporary comedy co-starring Arsenio Hall as his royal sidekick. Executive producers Leslie Belzberg and Mark Lipsky. Producers George Folsey Jr. and Robert D. Wachs. Screenwriters David Sheffield and David Blaustein. Summer release.

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