Police Make 8 Drunk-Driving Arrests at Sobriety Checkpoint in Anaheim

Anaheim police arrested eight people on suspicion of drunk driving late New Year's Day and early Saturday at a sobriety checkpoint in the 900 block of South Brookhurst Street.

A police spokesman said that 1,361 drivers were stopped at the checkpoint between 9 p.m. Friday through 3 a.m. Saturday. It was the department's fifth such checkpoint since the state Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of the stops last year.

The weekend checkpoint also resulted in one arrest for driving with an open container of alcohol and two others for driving without a license.

Since the first Anaheim sobriety stop Dec. 18, a police spokesman said, 38 people have been arrested at the checkpoints for drunk driving, 15 for driving with an open container of alcohol and eight for driving without a license.

The spokesman said that although no additional sobriety checkpoints are scheduled, they will be established periodically throughout the year.

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