Accident Victim and Seat Belts

I would like to comment on the article (Dec. 21) about the tragic death of Samantha Bass and to the comments attributed to Samantha's father, David Bass. It is a sad commentary of our society that whenever something happens to us we have to find someone to blame and someone to sue.

I, too, lost my precious 12-year-old daughter in a stupid, senseless, unnecessary auto accident. I could have sued and blamed to my heart's content, but believe me, such actions do nothing to fill the hole in your heart. It will not keep the pain at bay.

Don't you think they have their own pain to live with? Life is full of natural consequences hinging on the blink of an eye. Sometimes it costs us the life of someone precious, and no amount of blaming or suing will make it any easier.

I realize that all of us have a different way of dealing with our losses, but believe me, only time will help.

My heart goes out to the Bass family because I know so well what they are going through. My circumstances were very similar. But they must accept what has happened or the memories of their daughter will always be tainted by an anger that cannot bring her back.



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