. . . and in Warner Park

The Warner Park Assn. represents residents in the community who have gone on record as being opposed to the development of multiple structures in Warner Park.

Requests for consideration of the residents' concerns have fallen on deaf ears with our elected representative.

The association was informed of a meeting to be held between representatives of the Valley Cultural Center, the Cultural Foundation and an architect who has been retained to prepare plans for a permanent stage to be constructed in Warner Park. The association prepared a statement outlining its objections to construction of multiple buildings in the park and listing conditions under which it was willing to compromise for the construction of a stage for summer concerts.

We wish to alert the Valley Cultural Center, the Cultural Foundation, all elected and appointed representatives, the press and any other entities who may have given support to a plan for constructing multiple structures in Warner Park that we will continue to oppose such a plan. We prefer to reach a solution agreeable to all interested parties but are committed to taking legal action, if necessary, to preserve our environment.


Woodland Hills

Baker is a member of the Warner Park Assn.

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