Think About It, Bo, It's Chance of a Lifetime

Care to join the fastest growing club in America? There are no dues. No papers to fill out. You don't have to go to meetings. Most of your friends and neighbors belong. It's the BJBPA . . . the Bo Jackson Benevolent and Protective Assn.

Has much been written on this subject? Only enough to fill a shelf or two in your local library. Anyone who knows the difference between an infield fly and a shanked punt has given Bo's future a great deal of thought and has expressed one or more opinions on the subject.

Some argue that playing baseball points to freedom from injury, a prolonged career and an increased income. They may be correct.

But, haven't you met, or aren't you someone yourself who would prefer to spend more time at your hobby and actually get paid for it? Even casual knowledge of the lives, or biographies, of the celebrated and wealthy will demonstrate that satisfaction and contentment come, not from accumulated riches, but from job satisfaction, personal fulfillment, spending your time at something that you enjoy. Maybe Bo likes football better than baseball.

This gifted young man can achieve immortality. In these days of hyperbole, when superlatives are tossed about, Bo can stand alone. Do the names Jim Thorpe, Bronko Nagurski, Red Grange, Tom Harmon, Gale Sayers, Jim Brown, Walter Payton mean anything? Can Bo be in their class? Absolutely. Can Bo Jackson be Mr. Football of all time? Probably.

Think about it, Bo.


Beverly Hills

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