Arrest Warrant, Ban for Ciccarelli

Police in Toronto issued a warrant for the arrest of Minnesota North Stars right wing Dino Ciccarelli on a charge of assault in connection with a stick-swinging incident during a National Hockey League game, officials said Friday.

Earlier Friday, the NHL announced that Ciccarelli would be suspended for 10 games because of the incident in Wednesday night’s game with the Maple Leafs. Ciccarelli was given a major penalty for high-sticking and a match penalty.

The suspension takes effect Jan. 15, seven days from the date of decision, unless Minnesota notifies the league within 24 hours that it waives the right of appeal.

“We have officers at Maple Leaf Gardens and if we feel that the assault is a little more than what falls under the guidelines of a bit of a scuffle in a hockey game, we do conduct an investigation and we do speak to the Crown attorney,” Toronto Police Supt. Walter Tyrrell said.

“In the Ciccarelli case, there was a weapon used, which was a hockey stick that was used to hit the man on the head.”


The man was Toronto defenseman Luke Richardson, who was not injured.

Tyrrell said police will try to arrest Ciccarelli when the North Stars visit Maple Leaf Gardens for a game Feb. 24. If Ciccarelli is not with the team, he will be arrested the next time he comes to Toronto.

Ciccarelli, after learning of the arrest warrant, told a television interviewer: “I wasn’t out to seriously injure him with my stick. It was all out of frustration.”

“I’m not big and I can’t fight. My only defense is to keep my stick up. And, like I said, I overreacted in that one case and I deserve a suspension. But if the league is going to do that, then do it every night and let’s get rid of all the high-sticking and all the fighting and make this game what it should be.”