Over-the-Hill Gang

Producer Martin Bregman is playing coy about a sequel to actor-writer-director Alan Alda's 1981 hit, "Four Seasons"--"I plan to make an Alan Alda film next summer" was about all he'd tell us. But Jack Weston, a co-star in the dramedy about three couples sharing a mid-life crisis together, spilled the beans.

"Alan has got the original cast to commit on the basis of a brief plot summary he told us and the fact that we all had so much fun on the first film," said Weston, the only cast member to appear in a short-lived CBS spinoff.

This time around, Carol Burnett, Rita Moreno, Bess Armstrong, Alda and Weston will confront mortality when Len Cariou, playing Alda's best buddy, suffers a stroke. Since these three fun couples won't let anything stop their vacation together, they decide to take Cariou along on the trip.

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