Candidates Get $4.4 Million in Matching Funds

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The Federal Election Commission voted Wednesday to release an additional $4.4 million in federal matching funds to support the campaigns of 11 presidential contenders, bringing to $33.3 million the total allocated so far.

Vice President George Bush remains the leader in matching funds received, with an additional $396,583 on Wednesday that brings his total to $6.2 million since the beginning of the year, when the FEC began releasing the money.

Among the Democrats, former Colorado Sen. Gary Hart received the most in matching funds this week, $837,325, although his cumulative total of $937,325 is well behind that of the Democratic leader, Massachussetts Gov. Michael S. Dukakis, with a total of $3.5 million.

Basis for Disbursements

The candidates' own fund raising is the basis for the matching fund disbursements, with every private contribution of $250 or less matchable by the federal fund.

Dukakis and Democrat Jesse Jackson, who has received $227,423 so far, did not receive new allocations this week.

Here are FEC figures for the amounts the other candidates got this week, followed by their cumulative totals:

Democrats: Bruce Babbitt, $22,829, $742,065; Missouri Rep. Richard A. Gephardt, $173,616, $1.9 million; Tennessee Sen. Albert Gore Jr., $219,456, $1.8 million, and Illinois Sen. Paul Simon, $110,964, $1.5 million.

Republicans: Kansas Sen. Bob Dole, $933,572, $5.3 million; Pierre S. (Pete) du Pont IV, $173,211, $2 million; Alexander M. Haig Jr., $18,083, $292,934; New York Rep. Jack Kemp, $451,772, $3.5 million, and Pat Robertson, $1 million, $5.5 million.

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