USC Football Program Has Bright Future Ahead

One last word on the Rose Bowl, UCLA and USC. UCLA has a fair program in football and Terry Donahue has been lucky in the last few years, but I think time in on USC's side.

Three years of probation in the 1980s and the temporary loss of football scholarships have hurt USC.

USC has been in a bowl game every year it has not been on probation since the late 1970s. Nov. 21 showed us that 100 years of football tradition does mean something. This was Terry Donahue's best team? UCLA a football power? Please! Howard Jones must be laughing up a storm.

With as many injuries and inexperience as USC had, it still beat those "Wizards" of Westwood.

I'm sure USC will win the Rose Bowl next year (along with a Heisman trophy) and a national championship in two years.

Can UCLA basketball fans or football fans claim such an outlook? Winning traditions are hard to maintain, but USC and Larry Smith will prevail.

Don Schmidt

El Cajon

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