Drugs and Gangs

Jesse A. Brewer, assistant chief of the L.A. Police Department echoes a comment we are hearing over and over again from the teachers, police officers and physicians throughout our country ("Narcotics and Gangs: a Mean Mix," Op-Ed Page, Dec. 25).

To quote Brewer: "It is time for all parents to accept this responsibility and be held accountable for actions of their children."

He talks about parental discipline and a demonstration of love for the child.

It is time the National Education Assn., police officer associations and the medical profession join forces in a campaign to bring a message, an awareness of parental responsibility in America.

We have a campaign on drugs and a slogan, "Just Say No."

We need to reach parents as we will never have enough money or manpower to solve societal problems brought about by parents shirking their responsibilities.

Society will suffer further in future years with fewer freedoms in order to control society. The middle class will shrink further with an increase of the have and have-nots.



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