Weather Signs

After experiencing a pleasant stay in the Los Angeles area recently, we entered Freeway 5 to go home through the Grapevine where we became ensnarled in a horrendous traffic jam. After a long period of starts and stops, we came to a complete standstill. We made inquiries and were informed by a truck driver that the road was closed due to hazardous conditions from snow and ice.

When this occurs, why doesn't the California Highway Patrol control a sign or direct traffic at the entrances to the Grapevine, informing travelers that the road is not open to through travel? We had absolutely no warning that cars were not being let through. If we had, we (and many others) could have turned around much earlier and prevented a long futile wait.

Coming south, Bakersfield has signs which state whether the Grapevine is closed or open. What's wrong with the Los Angeles side?



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